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SAFEME provides current employees and applicants like you with streamlined, understandable courses on basic workplace safety. Complete each course to unlock certificates that will boost your job applications and impress employers! Complete them all to unlock your Master Certificate.

Washington Retail association offers SAFEME Essentials and SAFEME Automotive in English and Español. To learn more about safety in the workplace, download SAFEME in the app store or head to SAFEME for more information.

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Complete any twelve lessons from either the Essentials or Automotive courses and earn a custom SAFEME 12 certificate.

Mobile app available on:

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Safety Basics:

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Automotive safety:

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Pandemic Safety:

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You only get one back!

Washington Retail has partnered with the University of Washington to develop an app showing you how proper lifting reduces injuries.  Another free and easy-to-use tool to reduce injuries and improve safety.

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You can find this free tool in:
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An Accident Prevention Program (APP) is the foundation for a safe working environment. Employers are required to have an APP at each one of their locations.

The new eAPP online Accident Prevention Program makes it easier for you to be in compliance with L&I rules.

Easy to use and improves your business’s safety!

Available Early Fall 2021

Return to Work (RTW App)

Coming soon….  How Return to Work benefits the employee and the employer.  New tool to make RTW easier for your team.

This online application makes it easy for employers, employees, attending providers to understand the financial, emotional, and psychological benefits of a return to work and how easy the process can be. This tool enables involved parties to stay coordinated and on track to the desirable outcome.

Available Fall 2021

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WA-HSEQ app screenshot
WA-HSEQ app screenshot


Here is an easy way to report any safety-related issues and has templates for Good Observation, Near Miss and Accidents.  Take a photo, add a description and email it!

Another free tool that can be found in the app stores.

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